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We know this process can be overwhelming - and that you have lots more on your plate than floors!
Bring  your visions, design concepts, and imagination to us, and we'll get creative, together!


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Getting ready for carpet installation

Before the installers arrive.

  • Have furniture, wall pictures and knick-knacks, electronics, etc  removed from rooms to be carpeted and break down beds (if applicable).

  • Clean out closet floors and remove all hanging garments 

When the installers arrive at your home. 

  • Check the carpet brand, color and style to make sure it is exactly what you ordered.

  • Cold carpet is more difficult to install. Have all rooms to be carpeted pre-heated to 70 degrees, 3 hours before and all during the installation process. This helps make sure the carpet can be stretched properly.

  • Carpet installation tools are razor sharp. Make sure kids and pets are safely out of the way in all areas to be carpeted. Never allow children or pets to roam free during installation.​

After the carpet is installed. 

  • Do a walk-around with the installer and inspect the carpet thoroughly. 

  • Make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed before the installer leaves your home.


Care and maintenance.

  • Read the manufacturer’s Carpet Warranty and follow all suggestions and requirements.

  • Vacuum your carpet regularly. Spot clean as necessary.

  • Never use bleach on your carpet unless it is recommended in your new carpet warranty.

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